Logistics Provider Deploys Item-Level RFID for Apparel Client

To provide real-time visibility into product movement for one of its apparel brand clients, third-party logistics firm SeD Logistiques is deploying an item-level RFID solution at its Paris distribution center. The Tagsys FiTS (Fashion Item Tracking System) is an off-the-shelf, end-to-end supply chain system designed specifically for the apparel, footwear and retail markets.

"By leveraging item-level RFID to provide real-time visibility of merchandise as it moves in and out of our distribution center, we will be able to dramatically increase efficiency in our processes and inventory accuracy and improve services to our customers," said Pascale Barbe of SeD Logistiques in a statement. "FiTS not only provides us with the tools and services to boost productivity and reduce labor costs, but it will also improve inventory availability for our customers, which will ultimately drive sales up."

SeD, which supports five brands at its 753,000-square-foot DC, is deploying a full complement of the Tagsys technology, including RFID tunnel readers, preparation stations, and the Tagsys e-Connectware software. As cases of tagged garments pass through fixed-position readers at the DC, SeD will be able to track merchandise from receipt through putaway, picking and shipping, and provide that information to its customers in real time.
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