Lord Daniel Deploys NGC ERP

Lord Daniel Sportswear is implementing NGC's fashion ERP solution to manage its growing specialty apparel business. Lord Daniel specializes in men's casual wear and U.S. flag shirts sold in the online White House gift shop and major retailers including Sears, Kohl's, Cracker Barrel and many others. The Florida apparel company celebrated its 60th anniversary last year and was featured in Wells Fargo's 2014 annual report, bringing national recognition to the family-owned business.

Lord Daniel Sportswear hopes to benefit from the many features of NGC's ERP, including flexible reporting, easy data drill-down, improved order entry and much more.  NGC's ERP includes key business functions such as Customer Order Processing, EDI, Purchasing, Inventory Control for finished goods and components, Screen Printing and Embroidery, as well as core business processes such as Accounting and Invoicing.  NGC's fashion ERP will provide Lord Daniel Sportswear with the right platform to improve efficiency and drive continued growth.

"Lord Daniel Sportswear has been a fixture in the Florida apparel industry for many years, and they continue to look to the future after celebrating their 60th anniversary," said Mark Burstein, president of sales, marketing and R&D, NGC Software. "We are pleased to deliver solutions that will help take Lord Daniel to the next level as they continue to grow."
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