Lovesac Enlivens Customer Engagement

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Lovesac Enlivens Customer Engagement

By Jamie Grill-Goodman - 08/21/2015
Lovesac, a manufacturer and retailer of patented foam-filled furniture, began 20 years ago with a bean bag project. The company’s entrepreneurial founder, Shawn Nelson, who conceived the idea for the world’s largest bean bag at age 18, has grown the company to 60 retail locations across the U.S. selling innovative bean bag-like Sacs and modular couches called Sactionals that can be configured into any arrangement.

As a company that has flourished by developing innovative products, it’s no surprise Lovesac is innovating its processes as well. The retailer has developed a standard, streamlined, and automated process in partnership with NetSuite, a provider of cloud-based financials, ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites. NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce InStore offering is designed to unify the physical and digital shopping experience while empowering the sales associate and elevating the customer experience. With the implementation, Lovesac sales associates are equipped with inventory and customer information in real-time accessible via any device — desktop, laptop, iPad, and mobile phone.

According to Kimberly Dietz, Lovesac product manager, omnichannel, sales staff need to gather a large amount of information to provide the level of customer service Lovesac offers. Before using the solution, they would take notes on the customer and their choices and communicate that information manually. Leveraging this technology, Lovesac can see full customer information in a central location.

“The system and experience that we’ve been able to build is a lot better for the customer ultimately because everyone has the same information about the customer and about the order. It allows us to provide a better, more consistant experience,” explained Dietz. “And it’s quicker as well.”

Lovesac can even track that customers received a welcome call, that someone coordinated their delivery, and that they’ve received a post purchase gift.
“It’s not only that we’ve brought everything into one system, but
that it’s a customizable system,” said Dietz.

Built on a single platform with NetSuite’s order and inventory management system, SuiteCommerce InStore provides point-of-sale visibility into inventory anywhere in the business and full POS capabilities.

“We have customers who are used to the Amazon and the Apple experience,” explained Dietz. In response to this modern consumer, Lovesac is working with NetSuite to create an experience where the customer will enter the store and be welcomed by an associate who has SuiteCommerce InStore on an iPad. “The associates will be able to find all previous customers, from any store, or create a new profile. From there they can look up a customer’s personal purchase history, find items for the customer and filter them based on attributes such as from the item’s color family or seasonal line.”

“The goal is to provide an ever-better experience. We have a complex enough business that we need a comprehensive yet flexible solution,” concluded Dietz.