Lowe’s Expands In-Store Smart Home Concept


Following a successful three-store pilot last fall, Lowe’s is expanding its “Smart Home powered by b8ta” connected-home shopping experience to 70 stores. The store-within-a-store model offers an innovative shopping experience for customers interested in smart home devices. Each location features a selection of smart home products and offers consumers on-site support from trained experts known as “b8ta testers.”

By allowing customers to easily discover and learn the smart home technology prior to purchasing, the retailer is providing a unique, service-oriented environment that elevates the retail experience. With b8ta’s dashboard and analytics, product displays and content are adjustable based on customer insights, delivering a more convenient and informative smart home shopping experience.

“Consumers aspire to live a connected life and crave solutions that make this possible,” said Ruth Crowley, Lowe’s VP of customer experience design. “Smart home products simplify life ― but the technology can sometimes be confusing or intimidating. So, we developed Smart Home powered by b8ta to emulate a ‘lab-like’ atmosphere that empowers customers to make informed decisions.”

The immersive store includes an array of items including security systems, thermostats, cameras, lighting, speakers and more. Products are displayed out of the box to encourage touch and learning. iPads with product-related content and pricing details are located next to each device. Smartphones are also available for customers to interact with products in the same way they would at home.

In addition to the store-within-a-store format, 1,000 Lowe’s locations deployed specialized smart home displays featuring products primed for Holiday gifting. The retailer also enhanced its online experience to deliver the same product knowledge to all shoppers, no matter how or where they prefer to shop.

To learn more about how retailers are positioning their smart home technology offerings be sure to attend the “Three Paths Leading to Product Nirvana” session at NRF 2018. The session will take place on Monday, January 15 at 2:15 pm. Phillip Raub, founder and CEO of b8ta will share insight during the panel discussion.

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