Lowes Foods Launches Personalized Promotions

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Lowes Foods Launches Personalized Promotions

By Tim Denman - 04/18/2016
Lowes Foods' is personalizing its promotions with mobile-enabled e-circulars that provide shopper-specific marketing based on individual shopper preferences. The Carolinas-based grocer with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia has deployed Unata's 1-to-1 personalized, omnichannel e-circular for grocery retailers.

The new e-circular is currently deployed with Lowes Foods as part of their Lowes Foods-To-Go website and will be live as a standalone online experience in May 2016.

Traditional online circulars have significant limitations: using either a hotspotted/PDF version of the print circular that does not work on mobile and cannot be personalized based on the shopper’s purchase history; or creating a standard online grid circular that has limited content and offer capabilities. To overcome these challenges, Unata created eCircular 2.0, an online circular that can maintain all of the branding and character of the print circular through adjustable tile sizes and custom imagery, while allowing retailers like Lowes Foods to incorporate all six types of content offered in the print circular — including complex promotions, product collections and sponsored placements. All offer types are fully integrated and interactive so that shoppers can see exactly how much they will save as they build their shopping lists. 

"The new e-circular from Unata has provided us a way to preserve the character and design of our print circular, reflect all available promotions and offers, and extend our new 1-to-1 capabilities within our online weekly ad," said Klaus Werner, senior director of e-commerce at Lowes Foods. "We’re proud to be able to provide our guests with a personalized, engaging and easy way to save more when they shop with us."

Through integration with Lowes Foods’ loyalty program, eCircular 2.0 is automatically personalized for each guest, displaying the most relevant deals based on their individual purchase history. It also tracks the conversion from online views to in-store purchases, allowing true measurement of the eCircular for the first time ever.

"We’re thrilled to have created an e-circular that bridges the gap between the print and current digital experiences in order to provide the benefits of both worlds in one simple and intuitive solution,” said Matt Paterson, VP of product at Unata. "This is one step in a larger, long-term plan for Unata to ensure our partners get the most out of their digital customer experience."