LuLaRoe Hires Social Marketing Expert to Fuel Billion-Dollar Business

LuLaRoe hires a social business expert to fuel continued growth of its billion-dollar brand.

LuLaRoe has tapped social media entrepreneur and author of The Social Organism Oliver Luckett as chief social retail architect. In this role, Luckett will support the creation of best practices, training, education and new sales channels and tools for the company's independent fashion setailers and help accelerate and more efficiently execute the company's social retail business model. The social business retail model has helped LuLaRoe achieve more than $1.3 billion in annual wholesale revenues in just more than four years. Luckett will report to Art McCracken, LuLaRoe's chief communications officer.

Established in 2013, LuLaRoe is redefining the way apparel is sold. LuLaRoe's comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing is sold through a network of more than 80,000 independent fashion retailers in unique, exciting in-person and online pop-up boutiques, creating a personalized shopping experience for consumers across the U.S.

"DeAnne and I started this business with a dream and a commitment," said Mark Stidham, co-founder and CEO of LuLaRoe, "to bless lives and strengthen families by creating opportunities for independent fashion retailers to build their own small business and have the freedom to create financial independence. LuLaRoe's success is directly attributed to the individual successes of the independent fashion retailers.

"As LuLaRoe continues to grow and refine systems and operations to serve the independent fashion retailers while continuing to define and pioneer the Social Retail business model, we are so excited to have Oliver Luckett joining our team," Stidham continued. "Oliver brings his vast experience and knowledge along with his passion and commitment to helping us use best practices across varied social platforms."

"When I got the call from my friend, Justin Lyon, LuLaRoe's CMO, I was blown away by the company's phenomenal story," said Luckett. "As I dug deeper into the culture and the opportunity that LuLaRoe has shared with America, I was moved by the strength of this business. LuLaRoe has a strong set of values, defined by family, economic empowerment and freedom, making people feel beautiful through art, which instantly resonated with me. My team and I plan to share what we have discovered in LuLaRoe with the rest of the world, helping to aid this passionate and successful network of retailers to reach their potential within the social ecosystem."

Luckett is a graduate professor at Reykjavik University, teaching social media storytelling. He is the CEO of ReviloPark, based out of Reykjavik, Iceland, and Los Angeles, a cultural accelerator. Luckett was co-founder and CEO of theAudience, where he led an international team to capitalize on the exponential growth and influence of social-media networks and deliver a more compelling, authentic experience for both consumers and for major brands and celebrities. He also co-founded DigiSynd, a social media content distribution company that was acquired by the Walt Disney Company.

Outside of the office, Luckett has served as executive producer of Transcendent Man and Sweet Micky for President and was featured in the PBS/ Frontline documentary Generation Like. His first book, The Social Organism, co-authored with Michael Casey, is a best-seller and was published by Hachette in November 2016.

Luckett lives in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, where he is actively involved in the country's burgeoning art, sustainability, and political scenes as chairman of EFNI, ehf. and chairman of the non-profit, humanistic art and nature foundation, Best Peace Solutions.

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