Lumbazzi Taps Radial To Scale E-com Fulfillment

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Men’s health and beauty company Lumbazzi has tapped Radial to provide fulfillment and transportation services in order to further its e-commerce growth.

The direct-to-consumer company, which sells natural beauty and soap products, will leverage the Radial Easy Deployment (RED) solution to scale its fulfillment operations and increase product accessibility. As part of its growth strategy, the company is working to expand its merchandise offering to include hair care products and other items.

The RED solution is designed to be a seamless fulfilment option for emerging DTCs that seek to onboard and scale quickly.

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Ryan Lombardo, co-founder of Lumbazzi, said the company selected Radial as a result of its growing network and industry experience.

“We wanted to make sure that we partnered with a third-party logistics provider that could support our omnichannel growth from the very beginning and grow with us — Radial Easy Deployment does just that,” he noted.

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