Lunds & Byerlys Forges a Path to Digital Success


Two years ago, Lunds & Byerlys, a Minnesota-based, family-owned grocer had a legacy platform that wasn’t generating the results they wanted. With 26 locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Lunds & Byerlys sought to entirely transform their digital experience, a road that took shape through a multi-phased implementation plan that is now entering its second year.

The retailer found its answer in Unata. The company's Unified Experience platform is being leveraged to strengthen Lunds & Byerlys’ digital capabilities and enhance their overall customer experience, both in-store and online. To date the grocer has launched an entirely new e-commerce experience, transformed their digital circular, built a mobile app, and most recently launched a loyalty and digital coupons program.

"Since partnering with Unata in early 2016, we’ve continually improved our digital experience to meet industry demands and customer expectations," Kevin Baartman, VP Information Services, Lunds & Byerlys, told RIS News"Our customers like to shop both in-store and online, which is why we’ve placed such a large emphasis on providing a best in class digital experience that is integrated with our in-store offering."

One of the latest features the grocer has launched is a new unified shopping experience. When a shopper arrives on the company's website, they have the option of building a shopping list online, shopping for delivery or click and collect, or just browsing. Whatever method of shopping they select, the entire digital experience adjusts accordingly, reflecting accurate products, deals and e-commerce capabilities. If they decide to change their mind halfway through their shop, they can do so in one click, and have their entire list ported over to their cart, or vice versa.

"This level of choice and flexibility is critical in our success to date, so much so that since its launch, we’ve experienced a double digit increase in online sales," said Baartman.

In January, the retailer launched Lunds & Byerlys Extras and Integrated Digital Coupons, two new digital features that seamlessly integrate with its existing e-commerce platform to allow shoppers to access members-only offers while they shop online or in the mobile app.

Lunds & Byerlys’ new coupon experience, which launched in August 2017, integrates with YOU Technology, the largest provider of digital offers in North America, to allow shoppers to browse, clip and redeem manufacturer coupons directly within the Unata-powered e-commerce and e-circular experiences.

"Planning and preparation are key to successfully launching a customer facing omnichannel platform, especially for brick and mortar operators," Baartman advises other retailers. "As you migrate to a digital presence, business systems and processes will be challenged.

"For example, data requirements for a digital offering are very different than brick and mortar only. Extra data (e.g. product images, engaging product description, product characteristics, etc.) is needed to provide an aspirational shopping experience online. Modifying business processes and enhancing data structures to recognize these requirements is critical when launching a new digital platform. Another example is inventory management. In-store inventory levels become critical with a click and collect offering. Visibility into store inventory conditions becomes critical when presenting product online. Managing online assortment is necessary and a key success factor when servicing an online customer."

The digital roadmap the retailer set out to implement is nearing completion, but that doesn’t mean Lunds & Byerlys is at the end of the customer journey. There’s an ongoing dialogue of how the solution provider can improve their digital experience.