Macy's, Bed & Bath Winning Shoppers Online, Top 25 Web Sites Revealed

Amazon, Target and Walmart are the top performing Web Sites in December according to Compete. Although these top performers have the highest amount of shoppers flocking to their Web sites, company's such as Macy's are picking up shoppers at a substantial rate. The department store reported a 21.7 percent increase in shopper traffic year-over-year and could easily surpass competitors such as J.C. Penney and Sears in the coming months.

Another top gainer is Bed & Bath which reported a whopping 30 percent increase in traffic year-over-year. Again, it is highly likely that at this rate, the home goods retailers will likely surpass Kohl's and Costco if it maintains this high level of growth.

Full results of the Top 25 Online retailers is detailed below:

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