Macy's Demand-Chain Analytics

As the personalized needs of the consumer continues to influence retailer action the need to deliver strong business outcomes from advanced analytic capabilities throughout the demand chain is greater than ever.

At the Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit, Daqing Zhao, director of advanced analytics, will share how the department store empire leverages demand-chain analytic initiatives that reach all the way from suppliers to consumers.

Zhao has over 20 years of experience in analyzing and taking actions on very large data. Trained in data analysis and simulations on molecular systems, he gained extensive expertise in customer centric marketing, optimizing for all stages of customer acquisition, conversion and retention. He has worked on segmentation and predictive modeling for banner ads, web logs, search keywords, e-mails, transactions, call center, and customer life time values. He leads the predictive analytics, test and experimentation, and data science teams for
The 2015 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit will be held April 29-May 1 at The Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. The conference will feature keynotes from retail and consumer goods leaders, peer-to-peer exchanges, networking opportunities and relationship building. For more information, to view the full agenda, or to register for the event click here.