Macy's Rolls Out Store-to-Door Program to 290 Locations

Following a successful 23-store launch, Macy's will expand its Store-to-Door program throughout 290 store locations by the fall, according to a recent call with financial analysts. This program allows the company to be able to ship from a different store to the customer directly if an item is not in-stock.
"We are also forging ahead with experiments and innovations within our omni-channel strategy to serve customer needs in-store, online and via mobile," said Karen Houget, Macy's chief financial officer. "Not only is this driving sales, but it is also beginning to help us improve the management and velocity of our inventory."
Macy's anticipates new opportunities for growth through the expansion of the Store-to-Door program. Additional opportunities include methods to avoid taking a markdown on slow moving items in one store, which can now be shipped to customers making the purchase from a different store. The program also has a feature to automatically prioritize the closest shipping distance to the customer.
A key factor of the Store-to-Door program is the ability to see where the goods are selling the slowest and allow each store to be stocked according to demand. These elements of the program are designed to help Macy's reduce the markdown rate of slow moving merchandise.

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