Maersk Logistics Presents SupplyChain CarbonCheck™ at SmartWay Summit

Maersk Logistics, provider of global supply chain management solutions, recently presented "Supply Chain Accounting and Harmonization of Metrics," at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership International Summit.

The focus of Maersk Logistics' presentation was its SupplyChain CarbonCheck solution, a consulting service developed to reduce carbon emissions in global supply chains while lowering supply chain costs.

As part of its service, Maersk calculates a customer's current carbon footprint, then simulates carbon emissions for alternative supply chain scenarios and compares the results with the current footprint. This comparison reveals potentials for reducing carbon emissions, which are then evaluated in terms of ease of implementation and cost savings. Finally, Maersk assists the customer in putting the recommendations into practice.

The goal of the EPA's SmartWay International Summit is to help businesses worldwide reduce the environmental impacts of shipping their goods.

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