Magnal Solutions introduces STARS Rate Setting Service

Montreal-based Magnal Solutions, a specialty provider of production management software and other related solutions for apparel manufacturing, recently launched its "STARS" standard rate setting service for the sewn products industry.
Through the service, manufacturers from throughout the world will have access to Magnal Solutions' industrial engineers and specialists to assist them in setting standard sewing rates for individual operations. The service is offered on an as-needed basis and is designed to be a low-cost solution for factories around the world, as it does not require travel or on-site consultation.
"Our clients were looking for this type of service," said James O'Farrell, president of Magnal Solutions. "Smaller factories don't necessarily have the resources to use MTMbased systems to set rates, so we can do it for them. In addition, some medium- and larger-sized companies are looking to outsource some of their rate setting tasks."
Magnal Solutions' engineers use the company's "Magnal SDM" software to validate or set rates for new apparel operations.
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