Managing Mobile Staffers

The demand for hot, high tech mobile phones is booming all across the world and Europe is no exception. Carphone Warehouse, an independent retailer of mobile devices, is a one-stop-shop for smart phones, pay-as-you-go phones, handsets as well as laptops. The retailer also operates an e-commerce site,

With 2,400 stores in 9 countries across Europe, effective staffing had become difficult for the popular British retailer. It also wanted to minimize under- and over-staffing, and subsequently reduce its dependency on temporary staff.

To address these needs, The Carphone Warehouse added Kronos for Retail to manage the scheduling of 5,000 staffers. Carphone selected Kronos' applications to analyze historical trading data, projected sales figures, labor standards and employee availability before creating the staffing schedule for each store.

Carphone uses the time and attendance module to manage absence, help ensure payroll accuracy and reduce administration costs. In addition, biometric terminals are used to confirm accuracy of employee attendance data collected.

"Kronos demonstrates a sound understanding of our business -- it has a track record in managing successful implementations across multiple European countries and the solution is functionally rich, flexible and able to manage the specific policy and legislative requirements of the seven countries in which it is to be deployed," says Mercedes Garcia, senior project manager for business change function,  Carphone Warehouse.

According to Garcia, Carphone manages employee schedules by matching staffing requirements to customer demand. "We expect substantial improvements in customer conversion rates as a result," says Garcia. "The time and attendance element of the Kronos solution will help us reduce payroll inflation, generate payroll management overhead savings and give us real-time visibility to manage our labor resources." 

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