Manhattan Associates' FieldVision Provides Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

FieldVision from Manhattan Associates gives retailers the ability to see orders, shipments and inventory, while in process, using map-based technology. FieldVision, offered within Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management (EEM) solution, leverages technology from Microsoft Bing to provide a bird's-eye view of the products and facilities within the supply chain network through real-time visual mapping - adding a geospatial context to the rich logistics data provided by EEM. FieldVision technology supplies the visual element of a Supply Chain Command Center for customers.

Manhattan Associates' EEM is designed to connect companies with trading partners and customers by integrating existing technologies - including supply chain intelligence and RFID - to provide the overarching visibility and immediate event management capabilities required to immediately interpret global trends and gain real-time insight into the pulse of the supply chain ecosystem.

Capabilities of Manhattan's Extended Enterprise Management include:

- End-to-end visibility of orders, shipments and inventory from sourcing to cargo delivery; 

- A single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain for greater inventory control and optimal fulfillment channels; 

- Ability to track and monitor supply chain events in real time and respond immediately based on alerts to critical exception events, which may threaten your ability to meet customer commitments; 

- A centralized, browser-based solution allowing customers to manage order fulfillment and automate communications with customers; 

- Light warehousing capabilities for hub and cross-dock facilities to receive and ship goods.
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