Manhattan Associates Tackles Omnichannel With New Software

Manhattan Associates announced the 2013 release of its Store Inventory and Fulfillment solution, which transforms store locations into efficient, omnichannel fulfillment centers. The solution offers benefits in three key areas: store order fulfillment, store inventory management, and store operations intelligence, enabling retail stores to execute e-commerce order fulfillment directly, increase inventory accuracy and manage omnichannel store activity.

"National retail chains from high-end apparel to home dÉcor are already using Store Inventory and Fulfillment to increase sales and create loyalty-defining customer experiences," said David Landau, vice president, product management and development, Manhattan Associates. "In today's omnichannel world, customers are 'in your stuff,' and retailers who can serve these customers with flexible fulfillment and better inventory accuracy are rewarded with higher sales and customer satisfaction."

Store Inventory Fulfillment enables a store associate to execute pick-up-in-store, ship-from-store and store-to-store transfer tasks entirely on a mobile device, while interacting with customers on the store floor. In another industry-leading development, the new release includes One-Step Receive and Reserve, which allows store associates to take receipt of and hold site-to-store and store-to-store deliveries for online customers who have chosen to pick up their orders in-store – all with a single step on a mobile device.

"Today's omnichannel store associate must serve two sets of customers simultaneously – the in-store customer and the online customer," continued Landau. "By allowing store associates to execute ship from store, pick up in-store, and site-to-store activities entirely on a mobile device, retailers can ensure their associates can quickly return to the business of serving in-store customers–while enabling profitable omnichannel execution."

In addition, the new release includes Store Operations Intelligence, a reporting and visibility component purpose-built for the omnichannel store manager. Store operators face great challenges in managing workforces who now must balance providing excellent customer service in the store while also becoming experts at omnichannel fulfillment.

Store Operations Intelligence provides greater visibility by surfacing actionable, relevant, and real-time information to the store manager regarding on-going fulfillment and inventory activities in their store.
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