Manufacture NY Announces Innovation Hub in Brooklyn

On Dec. 4, New York City Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen joined with Manufacture New York (MNY) CEO Bob Bland to announce the launch of a fashion manufacturing and design hub in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Located at Liberty View Industrial Plaza, the new Manufacturing Innovation Hub will occupy 160,000 square feet and provide research, design, development, and manufacturing resources for New York's emerging designers and apparel manufacturers.

The City of New York, via the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), will invest $3.5 million to allow for the build-out, modernization, and subdivision of the industrial space. Approximately 300 jobs in 20 to 30 businesses, including designers, manufacturers and related industries, are anticipated to be housed at the facility.

"Thanks to the tireless support of City Hall, NYCEDC, and local elected leaders, New York's fashion manufacturers will have access to world-class industrial space and infrastructure at prices they can afford," said MNY's Bob Bland. "Creating a comprehensive system of mentorship, training, and support, while working together to solve 21st century problems in our supply chains and the fashion ecosystem, will bring long-term, sustainable growth to the New York City economy."

The innovation hub will include:
  • A small-run factory specializing in sample making;
  • A research and development center to help develop new fashion and wearable technology capabilities;
  • A design accelerator to create an educated pipeline of fashion and manufacturing talent;
  • Incubator space containing 12 private studios, classroom space, conference rooms, a computer lab, an industrial sewing room, storage, and work areas for 50 designers;
  • A workforce development center to help train skilled workers.
"We are focused on making investments that are going to spur innovation, create good jobs, and keep New York City competitive," said deputy mayor Alicia Glen. "Fashion and manufacturing aren't just legacy industries, they are rapidly evolving parts of our economy that are adapting new technologies and changing every day. Here in Sunset Park, working with our private sector partners, we're ensuring companies at the cutting edge of these industries can grow and innovate right here in New York City."

MNY is a Brooklyn-based company that seeks to reawaken and rebuild the fashion industry, foster the next wave of businesses, and create a transparent, sustainable global supply chain. As an innovation hub, MNY is also leading the design and production of the next generation of wearable technology.
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