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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Marketing.

Lowe’s newest c-suite member has been named one of Forbes' Top 50 CMOs in the World three years running and is a National Retail Federation power player. See which industry superstar snagged the coveted post.

Walmart is kicking off 2020 by expanding its in-house advertising offering with the launch of a new partner network. Find out what this means for advertisers.

To complete the certificate, students had to participate in a capstone project that addressed a marketing challenge using real data and digital software tools included in the SAS suite. Hear the latest on unique program.

Sam’s Club is acquiring proprietary technology platforms from Triad, as well as a portion of its staff, as it moves its digital media operations in house. Find out why it the acquisition was "an easy decision" for the warehouse club retailer.

Despite aggressive markdowns in some segments the retailer has seen profits and sales rise, setting a new standard for success. Read on to learn about AEO’s record-breaking quarter.

Canadian Tire’s Triangle Rewards program now boasts close to 70% penetration of Canadian households. Learn how it is using all that customer data to ultra-personalize its offers and skyrocket its marketing ROI.

We all know that the holiday season is critical for many retailers’ success as it can make or break the entire year. Arm yourself with these data-backed predictions revealing six of the most impactful performance trends.

The furniture retailer has increased its average order value by 15% and its revenue by more than 8% since implementing an AI-powered e-com personalization tool.

By taking a stand on social issues retailers risk alienating 30%-40% of their customers, so why do it? Because taking a stand adds a layer of meaning to a retailer’s brand image and deepens engagement with shoppers.

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