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Mars’ Guillaume Doriry On Increasing Supply Chain Visibility With Decision Intelligence


As more consumer goods companies bring artificial intelligence into their operations, keeping their employees at the center is critical to success. For Mars, this has meant creating strategies that empower their associates in order to drive adoption and ensure they feel connected to all of the changes. In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking with Guillaume Doriry, digital transformation senior director, global supply chain and ERP at Mars, and Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology, about how Mars is using decision intelligence to gain more visibility into their supply chain. 

Listen to learn: 

  • Why decision intelligence can be beneficial for CPGs
  • Why Mars partnered to operationalize AI for decision intelligence
  • How decision intelligence is changing Doriry’s work and the Mars business 
  • How Doriry helps drive adoption of the technology and the feedback they’re receiving
  • What other CPGs can learn from Mars’ experience
  • The impact that decision intelligence and AI decision automation may have on the CPG industry in the future 


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Doriry: “There is no place in the supply chain where we don't want to have visibility and control. But by doing that, we generate a lot of data. And so it's important that if you want to be more equipped in making those decisions, you can't assume that your employees or associates are capable of processing all of this data. This is just not fully respectful of the work that people need to do. So it's very important that you are helping them to feel better equipped, [so] that they are capable to do the work that they need to do.”

Laluyaux: “Mars was one of the early adopters. Guillaume and his team were early adopters of that technology. They were not afraid to try new things. They were very careful [and] picked a limited scope, but tried to start learning and build that experience of their own on how to actually digitize decision making. I think starting early is important.” 

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