Mars Wrigley Human Intelligence Exec Cummings Joins Accomplished Analytics Unite Lineup

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Our highly anticipated Analytics Unite 2022 event is quickly coming up, this year being held in-person at the Drake Hotel in Chicago from June 21-23.

We’re excited to announce that James Cummings, VP, global head of analytics and human intelligence at Mars Wrigley, will be joining the conversation on “Growing Analytics from a Cost Center to a Profit Center.”

What You Can Expect From This Session

A properly designed and executed analytic foundation provides consumer goods and retail organizations the insight needed to accelerate growth and innovate at the speed of business. Despite the undeniable power of a robust analytic engine, many companies struggle to consistently generate value and tangible ROI from analytics spend. 

In this session, Cummings will examine how a consumer goods and retail organization can build the capability to turn data into value at scale. Explore Mars Wrigley’s current analytics efforts and how the company uses evidence based approaches to turning potential into profit.

Happening at 10:20 a.m. on June 23. Learn more!

A Little Bit About Cummings

In his role, Cummings is focused on building the tools, organization, skills, processes, and culture required to create value from data and insights. Prior to joining Mars Wrigley, Cummings was the global head of insights for AB-Inbev, working with iconic brands such as Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois. 

Cummings began his insights career with Kantar in the UK and Asia, before transitioning to various progressive client-side positions, initially with MasterCard and then Energizer Personal Care. Cummings has also held corporate positions as the head of marketing and product management for Whelen Engineering.

Learn more about the speakers, check out the full agenda, and register now to be part of the event.

This article first appeared on the site of sister publication CGT.

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