Massachusetts School, Italian Trade Commission Collaborate on Design Project

Thirty-three senior students in the Fashion Design department at the Massachusetts College of MassArt recently collaborated with the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) and six northern Italian mills on a unique project called Design Needs All (DNA) to design garments using some of the world's best textiles and yarns.

The seniors, who were chosen by the ITC, formed design teams to produce sixteen unique ensembles involving the materials. The collaboration allowed the students to experience the complete "mill to designer to retailer" link inherent in global fashion production, according to the organizations.

The DNA initiative also honors the eco-friendly values of the mills and aligns them with those of the students. Many of the students' designs have been constructed with no waste, with scraps from the cuts utilized in the design.

Fashion designs from the ITC/MassArt project were displayed in the window and throughout the Neiman Marcus store at Copley Place in Boston.

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