MC Sports Selects JDA to Enhance Merchandise Allocation Strategies

MC Sports, a sporting goods chain with more than 70 stores across seven states in the Midwest, selected the Allocation and Size Scaling solutions from JDA to help increase revenue while reducing inventory levels.
"Over the past 18 months, MC Sports conducted a broad review of technology platforms capable of enhancing our merchandise allocation strategies," says Bruce Ullery, president and CEO of MC Sports. "Through this review, our goal was to identify the platform best suited to increase the effectiveness of our allocators and provide the business intelligence necessary to manage a size-intensive product mix. We believe JDA solutions will provide the tools necessary to improve in-stock positions, increase turns, raise gross margins and ultimately increase revenues for our company."
During the selection process, JDA's Strategic Services Consulting Group worked closely with MC Sports, evaluating existing systems and processes to determine which solutions would have the biggest impact on its business, with allocation and sizing emerging as having the best potential to drive increased revenue for the business.
With JDA Allocation, MC Sports can create accurate, store-specific allocations based on any combination and level of demand, plan and historical performance data. JDA Size Scaling can help the retailer with the assortment, ordering, manufacturing, distribution and replenishment of properly sized products in order to optimize an overall inventory. The solution also automates detail size curves into a cost-effective process driven by advanced predictive and descriptive mathematical techniques. By launching updates at the right frequency, the solution recognizes unique consumer shopping patterns by time period and changing demographics, revealing the highest-demand size curves.
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