Meijer Deploying Cutting-Edge Micro Fulfillment Solution

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Meijer is installing a cutting-edge, micro-fulfillment solution that will allow it to maximize its store footprint, while simultaneously expanding its digital shopping capabilities.

The retailer will be leveraging Dematic’s micro-fulfillment solution which was designed to help retailers across industries address increased consumer demand for rapid online order fulfillment in a small footprint. The solution empowers retailers with high throughput requirements to maximize space and achieve profitability with e-commerce ordering, ultimately, advancing their omnichannel distribution strategy to give customers what they want when they want it with one-hour fulfillment. 

“We're driven to make shopping at Meijer easy and convenient, so micro-fulfillment is another way our company is leaning into the future of retail,” said Sid Handa, director of strategic supply chain initiatives, Meijer. “This micro-fulfillment technology will allow us to maximize space in our stores, help us expand our online shopping options and ultimately keep pace with consumer demand for personalized shopping solutions that puts their shopping preferences first.”

The Dematic solution is a combination of automated technology and proprietary Dematic iQ software that enables retailers to retain control of their data while providing seamless integration with other inventory management, warehouse and ERP systems so that all stores, distribution centers and corporate offices are networked on the same platform.

The micro-fulfillment solution is designed to be implemented close to the end consumer and is configured to fit into footprints as small as 10,000 sq. ft., such as in the back of a retail store, in a nearby dark store or urban fulfillment center. Such close proximity enables retailers to better utilize and maximize space, while making one-hour fulfillment possible while increasing profitability.