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Meijer's Interactive End Caps Tap AI & Computer Vision For Phygital Engagement

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Nestle is bridging physical and digital engagement for its Purina PetCare brand in Meijer retail stores through interactive end caps leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The company extended its partnership with Perch to bring the end caps to the pet sections at 200 stores, each featuring a digital screen that can sense which products consumers touch and automatically display corresponding content.  

The “lift and learn” technology uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify which products are being handled through such techniques as object recognition, gesture recognition and vector analysis. It uses data filtering from "noise" like restocks and display cleaning, as well as predictive analysis of the best-performing content and product merchandising.

While most existing in-store experiences focus on the physical display, which carries limitations and can be ignored, this technology will enable the company reach a blend of consumers, including information-seeking shoppers, new pet owners and those who are just plain curious, Kenny Endermuhle, manager of category experience design at Nestlé Purina North America, tells RIS.

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“Having a vehicle for information that is engaging, exciting and educational all at the same time is a big opportunity for pet owners seeking the right product,” he noted.  

Purina can update the digital messaging, which will include both mobile integration and augmented reality, and it’s kicking things off by educating consumers on the brand’s 28-Day Health Challenge for pets.

Keeping the content fresh will be important to remain engaging, especially for frequent shoppers, Endermuhle says. “We intend to update the story every two to three months with new product and a new digital experience. A roadmap for how to accomplish this was laid out before we started and is being executed as we speak”

The company hopes to have six unique stories implemented in the first 12-14 months.

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