Memorial Day Smartphone Conversion Jumps 41 Percent, Says Branding Brand

Memorial Day Weekend sales drove shoppers to spend on their mobile devices. The day of the holiday experienced the highest volume of visitors and sales compared to the rest of the weekend, according to Branding Brand's Mobile Commerce Index. The company found that 29 percent of total visits and 35 percent of total revenue occurred on that Monday, and conversion was 41 percent higher than clients' average.

"Our analysts found that Memorial Day Weekend accounted for 17 percent of May's total revenue," said Branding Brand's CEO and co-founder Chris Mason. "Although visits were almost evenly distributed over the holiday weekend, more than one-third of mobile shoppers waited to purchase until that Monday."

The Index identifies mobile shopping trends for a sample of 50 U.S. retailer websites and revealed major year-over-year increases for smartphone devices. In May 2015, smartphone users generated 64 percent more revenue compared to May 2014, boosting smartphone's share of total online revenue by 44 percent. Smartphone conversion increased 33 percent year-over-year; desktop conversion dropped three percent.

The report showed desktop traffic declined since May 2014. Desktop's share of total online visits decreased 10 percent, while smartphone's share increased 26 percent year-over-year.

In total, the 50 sampled mobile sites produced 75 million visits and $98 million in revenue in May 2015.

View the entire report here.
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