Mercari Harnesses Machine Learning to Fuel Personalized Transactions

Maia Jenkins
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Online resale marketplace Mercari is tapping into machine learning technology to make transactions more personalized and convenient for shoppers. 

Mercari has partnered with Rokt – an e-commerce technology provider that presents shoppers with highly specific offers and recommendations at the end of the transaction journey when they are most likely to convert.

Through this partnership, Mercari hopes to provide a more personalized experience, deepen its connection with customers, and build a strong foundation of loyalty while also tapping into potential new revenue streams. 

The e-commerce resale retailer currently has more than 50 million downloads in the U.S. and 350,000 new listings are added to its marketplace every day after having celebrated its 10-year anniversary in February this year. 

Harshit Gupta, head of business development at Mercari said that the partnership would enable Mercari to offer users “even more relevant recommendations and create a more personalized shopping journey,” adding that the new venture “reinforces our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers.”

As a digital-first e-commerce platform, Mercari has made significant strides in fueling its expansion through tech investments. The resale retailer recently unveiled its own ChatGPT-enabled shopping assistant, Merchat AI – a conversational shopping bot that leverages large language models to process millions of Mercari listings and deliver personalized recommendations based on customer prompts.

Earlier digital transformations included the 2019 launch of Merpay, a mobile payment service, and Mercari Shops, an e-commerce platform rolled out in October 2021 that allows users to set up their own online shop through their smartphones.

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