Mercatus Launches White-Labeled Solution to Meet Growing Curbside Demand

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor
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Digital commerce solutions provider Mercatus has introduced a white-labeled, retailer-owned solution for grocers to help serve the growing demand for curbside pickup.

The Enhanced Fulfillment solution combines fulfillment technology from ShopperKit and location-based communication tech from Radius Networks. Grocers have the ability to increase time slot availability, real-time two-way communication, and contact-free pickup and delivery, as well as reduce pickup wait times.

Online orders made through the Mercatus platform are automatically sorted by ShopperKit into optimized preparation times, and wave and zone pick paths. As employees pick and pack orders, they can connect with consumers in real time for order substitutions and upsells. The real-time visibility into customer location from Radius Networks’ FlyBuy Pickup, meanwhile, enables them to track customer ETA.

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Retailers can also configure intelligent wave and zone pick based on fulfillment environment, whether that be retail locations, dark stores, warehouses, micro-fulfillment centers or a combination of each.

Sylvain Perrier, Mercatus president and CEO, noted that relying on third parties for fulfillment can be costly to both the bottom line and a retailer’s brand. “Grocer-managed ordering and pickup services increase share of profit for the grocer and cost less for customers.”

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