Merchant Warehouse Releases BINSmart Cost Manager

Merchant Warehouse unveils a new version of its BINSmart Cost Manager. Once a card is swiped, BINSmart Cost Manager evaluates whether it is a debit, credit or corporate card, then it calculates the estimated lowest cost processing method and prompts for the best method to run that sale.

Features of BINSmart Cost Manager:

-Recognizes the difference between a credit card, debit card or corporate card to estimate lowest processing costs

-Automatically prompts for PIN or signature when a debit card is used, whichever is estimated to be the lowest processing cost for merchants

-Reduces consumer 'charge-back' disputes/costs

- Enhances fraud protection with prompt-driven PIN-debit transactions

- Prompts for entry of additional corporate card information to avoid downgrades

- Minimal set-up with the solution fully installed in the credit card terminal

-Completion verification of daily close-out procedures to avoid downgrades
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