METRO Group Expands RFID Roll-out


METRO Group is deploying Sirit's INfinity 510 UHF RFID reader and Reva's TAP 331 appliance as part of the recently announced expanded rollout at METRO Group's Real brand hypermarket stores. The 200 Real locations will be equipped with Checkpoint portals powered by Sirit readers at the loading doors to track incoming goods. Reva's RFID network infrastructure will be installed at each location to provide device management and data processing.

Sirit's INfinity 510 readers will be used to track pallets and cases as they arrive at the stores to improve supply chain efficiency. Reva's TAP 331 appliances will be used to manage the distributed network of RFID installations, to produce accurate data from each site, and to provide rapid operator feedback during logistics operations. This 200-location rollout builds on last October's successful implementation during which Sirit readers were deployed at 100 Real hypermarkets and Reva TAPs were installed at all RFID-enabled facilities.

"We believe in providing exceptional customer service, and that starts with having the right items in the right places at the right times," said Dr. Gerd Wolfram, managing director of MGI METRO Group Information Technology. "RFID is a powerful tool for improved inventory management which will have a positive impact on customer experiences at our Real stores. Reva and Sirit deliver the RFID infrastructure we can rely on today and in the future to build even more value for our customers and operations."

METRO Group has been a pioneer in the use of RFID in the retail industry since 2004 when the company announced it would begin using RFID throughout its supply chain to improve inventory visibility and to enhance the customer's shopping experience. Both Sirit and Reva Systems have been involved in METRO Group's RFID activities from the outset, having been involved in the Future Store Initiative, several pilots, and now the Real expanded roll-out.


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