Micros-Retail, Retail Equation Speed Return Optimization Integrations

Micros-Retail and The Retail Equation partner to extend The Retail Equation's Verify-1 and Return Rewards solutions to MICROS-Retail's diversified international customer base.

Through this alliance, The Retail Equation's applications are integrated into MICROS-Retail's Store21 point-of-sale application, and are scheduled for integration into the Xstore and Tradewind POS products. Retailers benefit from the integration into The Retail Equation's return optimization functionality directly through the POS to store associates via simple on-screen prompts.

The Retail Equation's Verify-1 software system is designed to identify return fraud and abuse, a $15.5 billion per year problem in the United States. As part of the Verify-1 service, The Retail Equation is contracted by retailers to gather their return information, store it securely, and analyze the data to develop and follow return policies for those retailers. Return Rewards is an intelligent system designed to provide incentive to the customer to continue shopping in the store once a return transaction is complete.