Microsoft to Open First Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue

Microsoft is set to open its first flagship store on Fifth Avenue, placing a stake in the ground in one of the most expensive and visible retail locations in the world.

The new mid-town Manhattan store will open sometime in 2015 and will take over the space currently occupied by Fendi. The location is just a few blocks away from Apple's famed cube flagship store — a clear indication that Microsoft is prepared to elevate its feud with its long-time rival.

"As our first flagship store, it will serve as the centerpiece of our Microsoft Stores experience," David Porter, corporate vice president, worldwide retail stores, Microsoft wrote on a blog on Microsoft's website. "This is a goal we’ve had since day one – we were only waiting for the right location. And now we have it."

Microsoft has been hush, hush on the details of the store only promising that the flagship location will go above and beyond they typical Microsoft store experience.

"Our Fifth Avenue location will be much more than just a Microsoft store," Porter said. "In addition to retail, there will be experiential space for Microsoft as a company to further engage with our customers and partners in new and innovative ways. This is an important milestone for Microsoft overall, our stores team and millions of our current customers, as well as the millions to come."

The company has been expanding its retail presence of late upping its total to 104 sites in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, with 10 more planned to open before the holiday season.