Microsoft Partnering with FedEx for Inventory Management

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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FedEx and Microsoft are partnering to provide a granular level of insight into inventory management, as well as logistics.

The multiyear collaboration will combine FedEx’s global digital and logistics network with Microsoft’s cloud technology for a series of data and analytics solutions. FedEx Surround, the first solution, provides businesses with greater visibility into their supply chain by leveraging data to provide near-real-time analytics into shipment tracking. This in turn can drive more precise logistics and inventory management.

FedEx Surround can also collect multiple data points gathered through FedEx’s scanning and IoT technology, and analyze them using Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics technologies.

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In addition to giving businesses enhanced visibility of a package’s location, it will provide information on commerce conditions and external challenges in near-real-time. This includes such factors as severe weather, mechanical delays or incorrect addresses.

FedEx Surround will also analyze past trends to identify future opportunities for more streamlined shipping.

Availability will be announced this summer, with customer expected in the months ahead.

Microsoft and FedEx will also release more solutions in the coming months.