Microsoft Releases Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


Microsoft announces the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, an adaptable business management solution that offers new capabilities to help grow multi-site organizations, streamline processes, reduce operational costs, manage compliance and drive informed decision-making.

As businesses expand globally, so does the complexity of managing accurate business insights and standardizing operations across multiple locations. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 offers new multi-site and shared services capabilities, enabling customers to manage complex financial and supply chain processes more easily. For example, the new software can run multiple legal entities on a central installation and provide a single, integrated view of financial and supply chain information from facilities around the world, helping organizations simplify global planning. Advanced planning and reporting scenarios, such as consolidation and budgeting, are offered through integration with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server.

Another business challenge that growing companies face is the increasing pressure to meet global and local regulatory compliance, a complex and costly problem that has been a top priority for chief executive officers and chief financial officers. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 delivers core features to help companies limit these risks and lower total cost of compliance, including the following:

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· A compliance center that provides one central, integrated view of internal controls, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other compliance data

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· Embedded workflows that automate business processes, enforcing standard operating procedures to limit organizational risks while still enabling organizations to quickly respond to changing market needs

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· Country-specific functionality to help customers more easily comply with local regulations in 36 countries

To increase productivity and foster more confident decision-making, the RoleTailored design of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 gives employees access to critical business data through the following new features:

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· A Role Center that prioritizes tasks and real-time information for a majority of business functions

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· A user interface that looks and feels like familiar Microsoft Office software to help employees ramp up quickly, resulting in higher user productivity and more consistent adherence to business processes

Àå¡ÃƒÂ€šÃ‚· Self-service business intelligence tools using Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies to deliver standard KPIs by role and simplify end-user reporting, which results in more informed decision-making and integrity of information across the organization. Preconfigured KPIs and reports enable customers to start immediately.

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