Millennials Will Rely on Omnichannel This Holiday, According to Macy's Survey

Macy's revealed findings from a holiday survey of more than 5,000 Macy's shoppers (ages 18+) who were polled about their plans for this holiday shopping season. The survey results show that clothing and gift cards top the list of categories for holiday spending this season, with shoppers planning to spend an average budget of $1,211. Millennial Macy's shoppers (ages 18 to 35) are more likely to say that getting a great deal is their favorite part of shopping, compared to those ages 36 to 65.

According to the holiday survey, more than half of Macy's shoppers (53 percent) are planning to do the majority of their shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, while 35 percent will shop more online by computer. Fewer respondents (12 percent) cite that they will do the majority of their holiday shopping using a mobile device or tablet. In terms of spend, Macy's shoppers have budgeted an average of $1,211 for their holiday shopping, with slightly lower average budgets for Millennials compared to their older counterparts ($971 versus $1,304).

The following shows the top spending categories among Macy's shoppers, with clothing leading the list:
  • Clothing, 39 percent
  • Gift cards, 15 percent
  • Electronics, 12 percent
  • Toys and games, 10 percent
  • Accessories (e.g., handbags, wallets, scarves), 9 percent
  • Home goods, 9 percent
Millennial Macy's shoppers plan to spend more on home goods than shoppers 36 to 65 (13 percent versus 7 percent), but less on gift cards (10 percent versus 17 percent for older shoppers).

When asked about their favorite part of holiday shopping, 37 percent of all respondents say finding the perfect gift for someone on their list, while just as many (35 percent) cite getting a great deal or bargain. Forty-one percent of Millennials say that getting a great deal is their favorite part, compared to their older counterparts at 33 percent.

More Millennial Macy's shoppers cite that they have trouble finding the perfect gift compared to those ages 36 to 65 (50 percent versus 42 percent).

"We are excited to offer a free service for Macy's customers that makes holiday shopping fun and effortless," said Susan Bertelsen, Macy's group vice president of My Stylist@Macy's. "With a quick conversation with one of our stylists available in more than 150 stores nationwide, customers will find the perfect gift for everyone on their list and stay within their budget, whether it's family and friends or employees and clients. In fact, customers even have the option of giving a Stylist as the gift. A gift card comes with an appointment with a Stylist for the gift recipient, ensuring they get something they are sure to love and long remember."

Time spent when shopping for others
Macy's shoppers spend the most time on gifts for significant others (39 percent), followed by children (27 percent) and parents/in-laws (15 percent), while less time is spent on friends (5 percent) and co-workers (1 percent).
Men spend more time than women shopping for their significant other (52 percent versus 34 percent).

Women spend more time than men shopping for children (30 percent versus 19 percent for men).

Making holiday shopping easier
In terms of retailer services that shoppers are likely to use for holiday shopping, 50 percent of Macy's shoppers say they'll take advantage of the "Search & Send" offering (having a store search all store locations if it is out of stock and send to the shopper).

In addition, 45 percent would shop for a gift online and pick up in store.

Results show that more than half of Millennial Macy's shoppers will use these services (54 percent for each).

The survey was conducted through Macy's Star Advisors, an online community of more than 15,000 shoppers, all of whom have made a purchase at Macy's in the past year. The online survey was fielded from Sept. 21-28, 2015 among 5,545 adults ages 18 and older, among which 5,451 are holiday shoppers.
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