Missguided Relies on Mobile App to Appeal to Its Millennial Customer Base

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Missguided is one of the UK’s largest online fast fashion retailers, with a solid fan base in the United States, Australia, and throughout Europe, with customers in Spain, Germany, Ireland, Poland and France. Missguided’s focus on the millennial market is represented by their brand, which is bold, straightforward, forward-thinking and inspired by real life. Customer-centric by nature, Missguided takes its cues from global influences like social media, street style, and popular culture to empower millennial women.

When Missguided launched its e-commerce site in June 2015 60% of traffic was already coming from mobile.Missguided’s Founder and CEO, Nitin Passi, knew that the brand had to capitalize on the consumer shift to shopping-by-app but intended to do it the right way – by providing an app that drives engagement, loyalty and ultimately revenue.

Missguided partnered with Poq, which provides a native Software-as-Service (SaaS) app platform specifically for retail, to launch a fully transactional and fully branded iOS shopping app.

“Our customer has been asking for a shopping app for a while and we wanted to ensure we delivered something that offered more than our mobile site. The app is being treated as its own channel that we are growing as part of our multichannel strategy,” said Passi.

Poq empowers enterprise retailers like Missguided to break free from their dependency on third-party providers for creating apps and make it easier for them to design immersive shopping experiences that are completely on brand. Missguided’s team is able to make changes to the app content and merchandising in-house using a Content Management System (CMS).

Due to the high levels of traffic that the Missguided website sees daily and especially during the busy holiday season it was also important that the app be highly scalable to support times during which many shoppers are using it.

Missguided’s bespoke shopping experience


Native check-out

The Missguided app uses native check-out which allows the user to check-out via one single screen, decreasing the chances of basket abandonment.

To smooth-line the check-out process further, the Missguided app was the first on the Poq platform to offer Apple Pay. Retailers using Apple Pay see customers completing orders 58% faster when they use it. By allowing customers to pay with their fingerprint, it takes only three seconds to check out. The Apple Pay button only appears for those iOS users that have their Apple Pay account set up. Alternatively, shoppers are able to check-out using a debit or credit card.

In addition to Apply Pay, Missguided uses their app to bring their best customer experience to their consumers through a variety of features and functionality:

  • Fully branded: The app adheres to Missguided’s brand guidelines and iOS design guidelines, to offer an intuitive shopping experience that is adapted to iOS.
  • Product integration: All products available on the website are available on the app, because it is fully integrated with Missguided’s e-commerce platform.
  • My Account: The app features a login that allows users to view and change their personal information, including previous orders and addresses.
  • Scalability: Because the app is supported by Poq’s cloud platform, it is always up to date: new code is added every week, new releases performed every quarter. All apps on the Poq platform are compatible with newest operating systems, and the platform scales up when traffic levels are high.The Missguided app saw 100% uptime over the 2018 holiday shopping trading period
  • Analytics: The app is hooked up to Google Analytics and App Figures, meaning the Missguided team has clear insights into the shopping behavior of its app users, enabling them to make decisions about the content and products on their app-based on data.

Missguided broke new ground by providing their customers with novel “app exclusive” features that are fun to use and increase engagement: Swipe-to-hype and App Stories:

Swipe-to-hype | Because shopping should be fun

One of the most innovative and engaging features on the Missguided app is Swipe-to-hype, also known as “Tinder for Fashion.” Users can swipe right if they like an item (which adds it to their wishlist) or left if they dislike the product.

Hundreds of thousands Missguided customers use this functionality each month. Not only does it drive engagement amongst shoppers, but also enables Missguided to gather valuable information about user likes and dislikes, empowering them to make data-driven decisions on future products they’ll offer.


App Stories | Familiarity breeds engagement

App Stories are an interactive content carousel that can be added to the top of the home screen across both iOS and Android apps. Similar to the stories functionality made famous by Instagram, App Stories are completely shoppable.

This App Story functionality has empowered Missguided to engage more customers, keep them updated on the latest ranges, offers and functionality in a familiar way of consuming content. Making the stories shoppable enables users to easily view product details and add items to their wishlist or bag, reducing the friction to check-out.

Going Global | Currency Switcher

Using the currency switcher functionality, Missguided has “gone global,” expanding their business beyond the UK. The currency switcher, which was in high demand from Missguided shoppers, allows for multiple currencies in the same feed and country specific content to be curated. The solution platform facilitates retailer efforts to expand internationally with minimal effort: the only backend change required is the currency being displayed.


Missguided’s investment in their mobile e-commerce strategy and in the app-based shopping experience they deliver to their customers has paid off big time:

- The app revenue run-rate went from zero to £30m (or $39.5 million) within four months of the app launch.

- App share of all mobile revenue is currently 39% and 20% of all online revenue

- In the first half of 2019, the conversion rate was 30% higher the mobile web

- The Missguided app boasts a 4.8 average star rating on the App Store and is currently #24 in the UK shopping category (August 2019)

Missguided continues to bank on the potential of mobile app commerce and the important role it plays in the brand’s overall e-commerce strategy. 

I see mobile web very much as acquiring the customer and mobile app is about engaging your customer,” explains Johnathan Wall, chief digital officer of Missguided.