Mission Belt Gets National Attention, and Funding, on Shark Tank

Mission Belt Co., a maker of no-holes belts that help to fight global hunger, was featured on ABC's "Shark Tank" recently, where Mission Belt Co. cofounder Nate Holzapfel captured the attention of Shark Daymond John.

"It was an amazing experience pitching my business to the Sharks," said Nate Holzapfel, cofounder of Mission Belt Co. "My partners, Jeff Jensen and Zac Holzapfel, and I are thrilled to be working with Daymond John to help grow our brand and company."

John's offer to Holzapfel was $50,000 for 37.5 percent ownership in the company, plus a licensing deal for its unique no-holes ratchet belts.

Mission Belt Co. was founded with a twofold mission: make world-class Mission Belts and fight global hunger and poverty. The Mission Belt Co. team holds tightly to the philosophy that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; but teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. For that reason, $1 from every belt sold goes into a Kiva Lender Fund, which provides microloans to entrepreneurs around the world, mostly in developing countries, as part of its efforts to alleviate poverty and create more economic opportunity.

"Having lived and worked across the globe, our team at Mission Belt Co. has seen firsthand the struggles of many people in developing countries," Holzapfel said. "There are so many industrious, motivated men and women striving to create a better life for themselves and their families, but they are often held back because they lack capital. We are honored to be a part of an initiative that gives these wonderful people a hand up."

Mission Belts are designed to be sleek and functional, providing a perfect fit every time, regardless of fluctuations in the wearer's waistline. They also don't wear out as quickly as other belts or broadcast to the world when your belt size fluctuates up or down.

"We were eager to make a belt that will outlast others and that will always look as great as the day you purchased it," Holzapfel said. "Because we eliminated the holes and use high-quality design and materials, our belts look great and don't stretch, crack or break like other belts on the market. Plus, the mechanism we use for latching the belt is just plain cool."

Mission Belts are made of genuine leather and come in over a dozen belt and buckle color combinations. The belts come in multiple lengths, based on waist size, and two widths: 35mm and 40mm. Belts are unisex and can be comfortably and fashionably worn by men, women and children.
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