Mizuno Partners With CARDIO SPORT to Reach New Customers

Mizuno and CARDIO SPORT announced an exclusive partnership uniting the two sports brands with the goal of enhancing the athletic experience for current and future fitness enthusiasts.

CARDIO SPORT is a community-based, group training program which merges an individual's athletic desires with fitness. The program is designed by athletes for athletes. Classes are a 60-minute comprehensive conditioning adventure that uniquely integrate interval training techniques with compound, sports related movements in an unparalleled inspiring exercise environment. Appealing to a large population of people, from athletes and runners to those with an "undiscovered athletic mindset," the program is engaging communities and building relationships around health and wellness. CARDIO SPORT is putting a positive face on the idea of fitness.

"The Cardio Sport methodology is growing and at a fast pace, as evidenced in the increasing demand and presence of Cardio Sport locations nationwide. At Mizuno, we believe in finding a personal fitness routine that enhances and improves an athlete's running performance, and the relationships built by working out in a group setting helps to strengthen the commitment by the athlete," said Kim Hoey, division brand marketing director – running, Mizuno USA. "Today's runner is seeking options and finding new ways to supplement their training. Cardio Sport is leading the way in defining athletic fitness, and as an added bonus, already have an affinity for the Mizuno brand."

CARDIO SPORT maintains an instructor base of more than 300 with projected estimates to more than double in 2016. All certified CARDIO SPORT instructors will be outfitted with new Mizuno running shoes and apparel items, and Mizuno will provide local market event support in priority markets. Together both brands look forward to building ambassadors for the brand along with additional reach through community integration and cross-promotion online.
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