Mobile Apps Influencing Brick-and-Mortar Visits, Report Finds

App Annie and Internet Retailer unveiled a special report for IRCE 2014 that includes the 25 most popular mobile commerce apps and highlights trends across the apps and retailers. Today's consumers are always connected and expect to access content on their own terms, whether at home, at work, or on the go. Mobile apps, if well designed and leveraged effectively, can be influential at all points of the retail experience - from awareness and engagement to purchase and retention.

Some of the key trends highlighted in the report include:
  • Apps Are Driving Shoppers Back In-Store: Given higher overhead costs, brick-and-mortar retailers have consistently struggled to match e-commerce in pricing, selection, and convenience...
  • Gamification Increases Engagement and Loyalty: Despite the long shadow cast by e-commerce giants like Amazon, apparel retailers Macy's and Victoria's Secret have found success in mobile by experimenting with highly creative marketing campaigns...
  • Retailers Are Pivoting Business Strategies: While the immediacy and excitement of flash sales still exist, the appeal of these sites has faded as the market saturated and the economy improved...
  • Tablet Optimization is Critical: App Annie Intelligence data reveals that only about 20 percent of iOS downloads of the top 25 US retail apps came from iPad. However, iPad conversion rates in the United States retail market outpace iPhone by 2.5x.
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