Mobile Generated 35 Percent of June Web Commerce Traffic

Branding Brand released the results of its Mobile Commerce Index for June 2013. The complete report, along with accompanying images, is available here.

The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index identifies trends across a sample of Branding Brand's 150 clients in various industries, including apparel, health and beauty, and home goods. The Index is the largest collection of data on commerce sites specifically designed for smartphones, as opposed to non-optimized desktop sites with mobile traffic.

Compared to June 2012, the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index shows the following year-over-year gains for the 18 clients tracked during both periods:      
  • Smartphone visits increased 84%
  • Smartphone pageviews increased 96%
  • Smartphone orders increased 101%
  • Smartphone revenue increased 79% 
In June 2013, mobile devices generated nearly 35% of total online visits (22% smartphones; 13% tablets), a 5% increase from May 2013. iOS continued to dominate, with 76% of smartphone revenue and 99% of tablet revenue coming from Apple devices.

"Mobile is requiring retailers to reprogram their customer experience," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "With mobile visits on the rise, it is now possible for someone's first impression of a brand to come from their smartphone site."
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