Mobile Tuesday Launches to Maximize Online Holiday Sales

11/7/2012, a website providing shoppers with mobile deals will launch in conjunction with the national shopping day on November 27. The website will capitalize on the holiday rush traditionally associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, targeting the growing market of consumers making purchases via mobile device. The retailer will provide one-stop shopping and discounts for customers seeking to buy gifts via smartphones and other mobile devices.
Taking advantage of the extra day in the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Black Friday sales were first marketed in Philadelphia. Shoppers caught onto the concept, leading to a revolution in how businesses market to customers. Today, bargain hunters line up outside of stores as early as midnight, with merchants catering to the trend.
With the advent of the Internet, consumers recognize the benefits of browsing, comparing and purchasing without elbowing past other shoppers to find gifts. Coined in 2005, Cyber Monday deals have grown to a billion dollar juggernaut, surpassing previous years' sales by double-digit percentages nearly every year since the shopping day's conception.
As personal computing technology has grown, the devices themselves have shrunk, with smartphones and tablets becoming a gateway to the Internet. 93 million smartphones were shipped to consumers in 2011 alone, and are now being used to make purchases.
PayPal Mobile announced a 516% increase in mobile payment volume in 2011, with purchases made on mobile devices accounting for 9.8% of all online sales. Price comparison service PriceGrabber recently reported that about one-third of smartphone users downloaded a shopping app last year.
Cyber Monday had led to an explosion of e-commerce activity, often occurring in the workplace. Productivity-minded employers responded with increasingly restrictive Internet policies, potentially dampening the growth of online holiday shopping. Sidestepping this roadblock and empowering shoppers to make purchases using their personal data plans is one of the key motivations for the website's concept. was conceived to serve this burgeoning market, with retailers from across the Internet partnering with to capitalize on the trend.
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