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Modernize Your In-Store Infrastructure to Compete in an Evolving Marketplace

Over the years, many retailers have under-invested in their in-store technology and are now backed into a corner. Dealing with legacy IT infrastructures in-store can be overly complex and expensive to maintain, and the hardware and software can be so outdated that it is too patched together to work properly.

Finding a fix is imperative. Retail executives must decide if patching their in-store infrastructure and sticking to what they know, is ideal, or if ripping it all out and starting over, is the answer.

Most retailers know they are in need of an in-store IT infrastructure overhaul to keep up with changing consumer preferences, new store formats, and other technological advancements influencing the industry, but finding the right upgrade strategy can be a challenge. Using software to define and remotely manage the store infrastructure can help – similar to how savvy retailers utilize network or desktop virtualization today.

Read on to uncover the four steps retailers should follow to successfully modernize their in-store infrastructures and remain competitive for years to come – without breaking the bank.