Mojix Debuts OmniSenseRF Retail Inventory System

Mojix, Inc. has released its OmniSenseRF™ advanced inventory tracking system for retail.

Leveraging Mojix's experience in passive UHF RTLS design and development, OmniSenseRF™ features a continuous inventory count engine and an item location engine, enabling value-driven retailers to achieve higher levels of inventory and physical location accuracy of tagged goods.

The solution, based on Mojix's line of STAR array receivers, includes all hardware and software required to enable continuous, perpetual inventory, item tracking and location identification. The OmniSenseRF™ solution has proven to significantly boost same store revenue in retail deployments, enabling unprecedented inventory accuracy, leading to reduced out-of-stocks through improved replenishment. OmniSenseRF™ item location engine enables omni-channel retailers to significantly improve pick and ship from store operations, find misplaced items and monitor inventory movement throughout the store.

"OmniSenseRF™ provides retailers a powerful tool to improve effectiveness of a wide variety of omni-channel and in-store customer experience programs, including ship from store, in-store customer tracking, loyalty programs, bring-it-to-me service models and more," said Mike Kastner, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Mojix.

"The main ingredients of the omni-channel retailing recipe are business process automation, real-time access to identification and location data, and powerful analytics," said Michael Liard, RFID industry analyst for VDC. "Wide-area, fixed infrastructure passive UHF RTLS solutions such as OmniSenseRF™ enable retailers to capture and share more accurate, frequent identification and location information that will benefit both in-store operations and the overall customer experience."

OmniSenseRF™ inventory tracking system utilizes advanced scanning and RTLS algorithms on radiometric data supplied by Mojix's patented wide-area passive radio frequency identification technology and distributed excitation architecture. The system includes the STAR3000™, built with digital signal processing technology able to detect passive RFID EPC Gen2 tags as far as 600 feet away indoors.

This architecture provides organizations with a scalable and reliable track-and-trace solution using low-cost passive RFID tags to better manage critical assets across the entire supply chain.
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