Moosejaw Implements Mobile POS

Investing in technology is nothing new for Moosejaw. Founded in 1992, the Detroit-based retailer went online in the late 1990s and saw e-commerce quickly become its main growth vehicle. One of the top online outdoor apparel and equipment retailers, the company also operates seven physical stores in Michigan and Illinois.

In part because Moosejaw was already using CrossView as its POS system in stores and for its e-commerce and m-commerce sites, implementing CrossView’s Mobile POS was a logical solution. Each of Moosejaw’s stores are now equipped with two Apple iPod Touches outfitted with a Linea Pro cradle containing a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner. Tightly integrated into the CrossView cross-channel commerce platform, sales associates literally have the whole enterprise in their pockets, enabling them to work as efficiently as possible with customers.

“One of our core values is to be engaging with customers,” says Eoin Comerford, senior vice president of marketing and technology with Moosejaw. “We view the classic retail store cash wrap as a bit of a barrier to that engagement, and saw mobile POS as a way to break away from that and stay engaged with the customer through the whole purchase process.”
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