Moosejaw Optimizes Mobile Experience With Yottaa

Moosejaw has experienced impressive results using Yottaa's cloud-based engagement optimization software, significantly improving page load times and conversion rates for its web applications. Of particular note, Moosejaw was able to vastly improve performance optimization results for its mobile shoppers.

Moosejaw was an early adopter of responsive web design technology, but its web application content was not specifically optimized for mobile devices. The end result was a lag in mobile performance, which was an especially big issue for the company since Moosejaw's customers are outdoor enthusiasts and constantly on-the-go. With Yottaa, Moosejaw has been able to dramatically improve page load times and increase conversion rates.

"Performance was the main reason we selected Yottaa," said Dan Pingree, vice president of marketing at Moosejaw. "The results we've experienced in terms of page load speed and conversion rate improvement have been very compelling, especially in the area of mobile engagement. A growing amount of our traffic comes from mobile so it is imperative that page loading speeds on mobile and tablet devices are as fast as possible. Yottaa helped us to significantly speed up performance on these devices resulting in a much better experience for our customers."

Performance was also a critical element for Moosejaw's success during the recent holiday shopping season. During this time it was critical that Moosejaw's web applications smoothly handle traffic surges and deliver engaging shopping experiences to users across all devices. "We simply cannot afford any major outages in November and December as it would affect our entire year," described Pingree. "With Yottaa deployed we were able to efficiently handle all the traffic we had during the holiday shopping season."
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