Motorola Debuts Rugged Tablet for Retail Enterprises

Motorola Solutions has introduced the WiFi-enabled ET1 tablet, specifically designed and ruggedized for retail use with enhanced durability, an optional barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, hot-swappable battery packs and secure system software.

The password-protected devices, which run on the Android operating system, can be easily shared and instantly provisioned for each employee according to his or her responsibility level and access rights. Based on log-in information, managers can control and monitor the use of approved applications to help maximize productivity.

Retailers can run a variety of applications developed by Motorola's partners and ISV community on the ET1 devices, including:
· Assisted selling
· Mobile point-of-sale
· Manager electronic dashboards
· Planogram management and compliance
· Item locator

The ET1 incorporates a durable seven-inch color display designed for customer-facing applications that contain images and videos. Accessories include secure multi-slot recharging stations as well as Bluetooth-connected handheld barcode scanners, mobile payment readers and mobile printers.

The devices are supported by Motorola's portfolio of enterprise-grade software modules including RhoElements, a new HTML5 application enablement framework that allows companies to develop applications once and deploy them on both Windows Embedded Handheld and Android-based devices, allowing for more consistent user experiences.

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