Mount Vernon Debuts New Chem-free Softening Finish

To enhance the comfort of flame resistant garments made with Mount Vernon FR fabric, Mount Vernon Mills is now offering its AMSOFT finish on all fabrics available within the brand's six collections. The AMSOFT finish is applied to Mount Vernon FR fabrics using the Biancalani AIRO 24 machine, which uses a chemical-free softening process to provide a distinct, naturally soft hand and improved drape to the company's flame resistant fabrics. The AMSOFT process softens fabric at a speed of 40 meters per minute, and can process up to 600 kilograms of fabric per hour.

The AMSOFT finish can be applied to the company's extensive selection of flame resistant protective fabrics in the following six collections:
  • AMTEX C100 - 100 percent cotton
  • AMTEX PLUS - 88 percent cotton/12 percent nylon blend
  • RESILIENCE - 80 percent cotton/20 percent Nomex blend
  • RESILIENCE TRIO - Cotton/Nomex(r)/nylon blend
  • PHOENIX FR - Flame-resistant denim ranging from 7.5 to 14.75 ounces/square yard
  • MY*FR - Custom fabric program that allows customers to tailor flame resistant fabrics to match their unique needs
Mount Vernon FR fabrics are produced in the company's vertically integrated manufacturing facility located in Trion, Ga. To ensure that every Mount Vernon FR fabric is of the highest level of reliability, quality, durability, color consistency and shrinkage control, the company has total in-house control of more than 25 major processes, including spinning, weaving, dyeing and FR finishing, and uses more than 3,000 computer-monitored control points and extensive quality assurance testing.
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