Movado Group Personalization Efforts Drive 250% E-com Growth

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Luxury watch designer and retailer Movado Group shared details behind its personalization and customer service upgrades.

The company recently expanded its relationship with Salesforce to better support its digital growth, deploying a unified global e-commerce infrastructure to support its complete brand portfolio. In expanding its digital strategy, Movado Group accelerated sales on its flagship e-commerce site, recording more than 250% growth in the first quarter of 2021 vs. the prior-year period. It also reported stronger relationships and loyalty across brands.

After Movado Group transitioned to Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, it recorded a 20% increase in page loads. With Order Management, it’s also been able to extend its commerce, service and fulfillment capabilities to customers around the world, delivering more personalized shopping experiences with local currencies, tax calculations, 35 global languages, personalized product recommendations and promotions support.

Movado Group's global customer support agents, meanwhile, leverage Salesforce’s Service Cloud to accelerate and improve the customer service experience across all brands. As Order Management is embedded within Service Cloud, agents have a single view of a customer's history, including contact information and past orders, and can also place customer orders.  

Movado Group also leverages Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 for cross-brand insights. By creating a single source of truth for each shopper's data, it segments shoppers based on their behaviors, including past purchases, browsing and cart abandonment.

"At Movado, we strive to be consumer-first in all that we do," said Behzad Soltani, Movado Group commercial president and chief technology officer, in a statement. "Salesforce has accelerated our digital transformation and enables us to do just that. We're able to deliver a frictionless experience at a global scale — through the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to purchase and loyalty."

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