NAUMD Extends Membership Eligibility to Canada, Mexico and More


-- August 9, 2007 - - - In an unprecedented action, the membership of the National Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors voted by an overwhelming majority of 87.5% to expand the Association's membership to now include uniform & accessories Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers based in North-America as Members of the organization.

 "As of this date, NAUMD formally welcomes Membership Applications, from all Uniform Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers and qualifying Associate Members who provide products, raw materials and other services to those in the uniform industry!" said NAUMD President Richard J. Lerman. Prospective members are cordially invited to visit the Association's website and download a Membership Application at or contact NAUMD directly by phone at 1.212.869.0670.

 As part of the Association's 2006-07 Strategic Business Plan, the NAUMD Board of Directors created a taskforce to study the issue of international membership expansion. The Taskforce, Chaired by Steve Robinson, Liberty Uniform Mfg. Co., Inc., who also serves as Member-at-Large on the Association's Executive Committee, met in New York in February of 2007 and discussed all aspects of international membership expansion and its possible impact on current NAUMD Membership. The Taskforce was composed of industry leaders Ashley Bullock, Burlington Worldwide, John Couchell, Milliken & Company, Jim DiRosa, Quartermaster Uniforms, Brian Garry, CINTAS, Mark Isoe, QST Industries, Sol Jacobs, I. Spiewak & Sons, Inc., Richard J. Lerman, NAUMD, Blaine Madden, Milliken & Company, Ilene Rosen, Hamburger Woolen Company, Jim Tewmey, VF Imagewear and Jerry Vereen, Riverside Manufacturing Company.

International Membership Taskforce Chairman Steve Robinson presented the findings & recommendations of the Taskforce to the Executive Committee & Board of Directors at their respective meetings held during the recently completed 2007 NAUMD Convention & Exposition in Atlanta. With the vote of approval by the Board to move the measure forward, all due diligence was performed to determine the legal ramifications and conditions upon which the Association could accept members from uniform companies based on the North-American continent. After a thorough review of all issues, the only remaining obstacle for such membership expansion was the requirement for the current membership to vote on the eligibility revisions which would allow for such new membership.

 In a June 2007 communication, NAUMD asked its members to vote on the issue of expansion. In an overwhelming show of support for the measure, 87.5% of the current Association membership voted to welcome members from North-America, including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States and its other provinces. 

 "We believe expansion of our membership to North-America to be one of the most positive moves our organization can make in building value and meaning to our entire organization, " said Ron Pate, NAUMD's Chairman and Vice President of Unison Marketing Group. "We live and work in a global economy and to welcome uniform industry leaders in North-America, including Canada & Mexico, who had long been seeking membership in NAUMD, seems at this juncture the best possible direction for all our current  and future members!"

 "Expansion of our membership into all of the North-American Continent is simply the natural progression of both our organization and the Uniform Industry!," stated NAUMD President Richard J. Lerman. "We look forward to welcoming neighbors from the north and south into the NAUMD family and to the many contributions to the future success of our organization they will bring with them," he said.

 Plans for the first of many promotional campaign stops will occur in September in Canada. Phil Newman of Cobmex, a current NAUMD Member with operations in Amherst, NY and elsewhere in Canada, will host the first of these meetings to formally introduce NAUMD to prospective new members in Canada. Additional meetings in both Canada and Mexico are planned for later in the year.

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