Navigating Returns: Strategies to Avoid a Logistical Nightmare

Returns and refunds sticker on cardboard box

Returns management has long been a hurdle for retailers and brands, and one that has been magnified amid COVID as consumers increasingly shop online, prompting an increase in returns.

Saavy retailers have embraced digitial solutions to overcome return-related obstacles and provide a more streamlined process from order to fulfillment. From incentives to pick up items in-store to intercepting warehouse mistakes early on, retailers can simplify the returns process with the right set of tools. 

For those unable to implement these strategies, however — whether due to a lack of funding in the area or IT infrastructure that doesn’t support the retailer’s needs — returns can become a logistical nightmare. 

Read key insights from industry experts who are at the forefront of returns management, and apply learnings from recent RIS research that shows where today’s retailers are applying returns strategies to fill existing gaps and elevate the consumer experience.