NCR Acquires DVDPlay, Adds 1,300 New DVD-Rental Kiosks

NCR expands its network of DVD-rental kiosks through the acquisition of DVDPlay, which operates approximately 1,300 kiosks in the U.S. and Canada. NCR is increasing its expansion goals for its DVD-rental kiosks in 2009; the company now expects to operate approximately 3,800 kiosks by the end of the year.

NCR plans to work with its retail partners to convert DVDPlay-branded kiosks to its Blockbuster Express-brand. Through NCR's kiosks, DVDPlay customers will have the benefit of the largest selection of DVDs in the industry - NCR's kiosks hold more than 900 DVD titles - and access to other Blockbuster Express kiosks for DVD renting in their area. NCR kiosks are also digital download-ready. In time, consumers will be able to download movies from the kiosks to portable memory cards.

NCR's acquisition of DVDPlay expands its reach into states such as California, Colorado and Illinois, where NCR expects to further increase its Blockbuster Express presence.

DVDPlay rolled out the first DVD-rental kiosks in 1999. The company manufactures and operates approximately 1,300 kiosks in the U.S. and Canada. Conversions of DVDPlay kiosks to Blockbuster Express are expected to start at the beginning of 2010.

Looking back at 2009, technology solutions providers have announced a long string of acquisitions over the past year. Acquisitions that took place in '09 include:

Workforce Insight/EntryPoint Global -November 2009
JDA Software Group/i2 Technologies -November 2009
NCR/Netkey - November 2009
GSI/Rue La La, SmartBargains - October 2009
Kronos/Stromberg - October 2009
Axsium Group/LSI - August 2009
SAP/SAF - July 2009
DemandTec/Connect3 Systems - January 2009
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